Lifemiles use MediaMath’s Curated Markets to drive air mile purchases


Lifemiles is one of the largest loyalty programmes in Latin America, allowing people to earn points on their travel and tickets. They wanted to drive more consumers purchase air miles. They were not seeing scale using contextual strategies alone and were not hitting their conversion targets.

KPIS: Sales conversions

  • Target CPM: $2.39


Lifemiles managed the campaign directly through the MediaMath platform. They used both display advertising and video formats to drive additional engagement.

To reach their audience, Lifemiles used their own proprietary 1st party audience data as well as whitelists to guarantee an appropriate travel context.

In addition, they leveraged MediaMath’s Curated Markets. Curated markets include inventory which is specifically curated to deliver against a specific campaign outcome. In this case, Lifemiles used the Latam Geo Marketplace, which contains inventory that indexes heavily toward a Latin American audience. By using curated markets, Lifemiles gained instant access to high-performance inventory, rather than having to manually create dozens of deal ids.

The Lifemiles team also used several trading tactics to deliver the best possible performance , creating multiple strategies within the campaign, increasing bids and switching pacing to MediaMath’s ‘ASAP’ functionality to deliver impressions over the final two days of the campaign.

For brand safety they used Oracle segments.


Both the display and video elements of the campaign were extremely effective. The average CPA was 115% lower than the average basket size and CPMs came in 12% lower than average for the category.

  • CPA – $115.80 vs average basked of $320
  • Target CPM: $2.39
  • CPM Achieved: $2.09


LifeMiles is the loyalty program of Avianca and the miles you can earn are also known as LifeMiles. This program is a bit different from other airline frequent flyer programs as it is owned by a separate, legal business.