MediaMath Inc. and MediaMath Germany GmbH use their affiliates and a range of third party sub-processors to assist them in connection with the provision of MediaMath services to clients. These affiliates and sub-processors are processing personal data and are engaged to carry out processing activities in accordance with Article 28(4) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.


Entity Data Subject Purpose Corporate Territory
MediaMath Group Companies Consumer, client, partner, prospect, or other business associate
MediaMath, Inc Intra-group operations
MediaMath UK Limited Intra-group operations
MediaMath France SARL Intra-group operations
MediaMath Spain S.L. Intra-group operations
MediaMath Germany GmbH Intra-group operations
MediaMath Japan KK Intra-group operations
MediaMath Singapore Pte. Ltd Intra-group operations
MediaMath Australia Pty Ltd Intra-group operations
MediaMath Publicidade Digital Ltda. Intra-group operations
Optional (at client discretion) Consumer, or visitor to MediaMath websites
Britepool Identity UK, NA
comScore Measurement EEA, LATAM, NA
Cuebiq Location attribution NA
Double Verify Viewability EEA, LATAM, NA, APAC
Flashtalking Dynamic creative optimization NA
ID5 Identity NA
Integral Ad Science Viewability EEA, LATAM, NA, APAC
Kantar Millward Brown Connected TV Measurement EEA, LATAM, NA, APAC
LiveIntent Identity NA
LiveRamp Export data to LiveRamp, Identity EEA, LATAM, NA, APAC
Lotame Identity EEA, LATAM, NA, APAC
Merkle Identity NA
Moat Viewability EEA, LATAM, NA, APAC
Neustar Attribution NA
Nielsen Connected TV Measurement EEA, LATAM, NA, APAC
Parrable Identity NA
Semasio Audience Modeling EEA
Scibids Campaign Optimisation EEA
The Trade Desk Identity NA, APAC
Necessary (opt-out option for clients that serve the AdChoices icon by other means) Consumer, or visitor to MediaMath websites
Evidon AdChoices icon NA
Necessary Consumer, or visitor to MediaMath websites
Akamai Content delivery NA
Amazon Web Services Infrastructure, storage, and compute EEA, NA
Fastly Content delivery NA
Human Fraud prevention NA
L&T Technology Services Application Support and Development APAC
Sync Partners (Supply and Data Partners, Syndication Partner) Consumer, or visitor to MediaMath websites
Acxiom Cookie sync NA
AddThis Cookie sync NA
Adingo Fluct Cookie sync APAC
Adobe, Demdex Cookie sync NA
Adx Cookie sync NA
Aja Cookie sync APAC
AppNexus Cookie sync NA
BidSwitch Cookie sync EEA, NA
Bluekai Cookie sync NA
Choreograph Cookie sync UK, NA
Google DBM Cookie sync NA
eXelate Cookie sync NA
Freakout Cookie sync NA, APAC
Freewheel Cookie sync UK, NA
Geniee Cookie sync APAC
ID5 Cookie sync UK
Improve Digital Cookie sync EEA
Index Exchange Cookie sync NA
Salesforce Krux Cookie sync NA
Lijit Sovrn Cookie sync NA
LiveIntent Cookie sync NA
LiveRamp Cookie sync NA
Lotame Cookie sync NA Cookie sync NA
Neustar Cookie sync NA
ONE by AOL Cookie sync NA
OpenX Cookie sync UK, NA, APAC
Powerlinks Cookie sync UK, EEA, NA
Pubmatic Cookie sync NA
Pulsepoint Cookie sync NA
Resonate Cookie sync NA
Rubicon Cookie sync NA
Semasio Cookie sync EEA
ShareThrough Cookie sync NA
Smart AdServer Cookie sync EEA, NA
SmartClip Cookie sync EEA
Sonobi Cookie sync NA
SpotXchange Cookie sync NA
Stroer Cookie sync EEA
Tapad Cookie sync NA
TripleLift Cookie sync NA
Ultraimpression Cookie sync APAC
Unruly Cookie sync NA
Yahoo Cookie sync NA
YieldOne Cookie sync NA
Zeotap Cookie sync EEA, NA