K12 uses CTV to drive traffic and conversions


K12’s objective is to help learners of all ages reach their full potential through inspired teaching and personalized learning. They chose to run a CTV campaign during the peak back-to-school season, flighted June to September 2022, to target against an audience model and drive traffic to their site ultimately delivering conversions.


  • Cost Per Visit (CPV)
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL = filling out or submitting a form).


K12 campaign was run in partnership by K12, MediaMath and K12’s agency Eicoff. To run CTV, the campaign leveraged MediaMath’s dedicated CTV platform.

To reach their audience, K12 leveraged MediaMath’s targeting capabilities. The aim was to reach users within the following audiences and locations:

  • Audience targeting: households with children, HHI, Savings in Hand, length of household residence
  • Multicultural, African American and general audience segments
  • Targeting by state and ZIP code

The CTV campaign was also complemented by successful audio, OTT and display advertising campaigns.


The results were excellent, and the MediaMath’s specialist Retail+ team was able to successfully add CTV/OTT into K12’s full omni-channel approach.

80% increase in CPV and CPL

In six weeks, CPV and CPL metrics improved considerably, rising by around 80% after migrating select campaigns to MediaMath’s dedicated CTV platform.

VCR remained a high 97-98% throughout the activatio

is campaign is deserving of an award because through strong Trading, Client Success, and Business Development collaboration between the Agency (Eicoff), the Brand (K12), and MediaMath, we were able to yield impressive outcomes that helped the company during a historically very high-demanding and stressful time period.


K12 is a trusted provider of online learning for many virtual public schools, as well as homeschooling.