IBM Brings Transparency to the Programmatic Supply Chain with SOURCE by MediaMath

When we launched SOURCE, our reimagined digital media supply chain focused on increased transparency, fraud elimination and reduced overhead costs, our long-term client and partner IBM agreed to partake in our pilot. IBM completed the first test of “SOURCE” with two campaigns—one from CA and one from Systems. These were small A/B tests splitting off portions of existing efforts. In IBM’s own words, “The preliminary results are outstanding.” Compared to the control setup, they saw:

  • No negative impact on supply availability using the new SOURCE pipes compared to the standard SSP offering
  • Visibility to supply chain fees in place and being delivered bi-weekly
    • eCPMrates decrease by 30%
    • CPE V decrease by 27%
    • Viewability improve by 40%
    • 60% of the ad dollar make it to the publisher

IBM worked with MediaMathto scale this test extending into full swing in 1Q2020 with a goal to get ~10%+ more money into working media.


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