IBM and Eightbar use Video to bring visibility to their Cod3rs Championship competition


Cod3rs Championship is a competition run by IBM based in Latin America that seeks to inspire, empower and drive the impact of technology through programming. Women and men from all over Latin America come together to test their knowledge while innovating with IBM technology to solve different real challenges in sectors such as banking, agriculture, education, automotive and many more.

IBM was looking to create a campaign to generate consideration and bring visibility to the series amongst those that are passionate about technology, programming, developing etc.

The main challenge of the campaign was achieving precise efficiency and catching the user’s attention considering the user would have to go through three steps to complete their journey: click > IBM page > streaming.


Video was the chosen channel and ran with three different creatives in Portuguese and Spanish. Open Auction strategies and data providers such as MediaMath Audience’s were used to match and target the desired target audience – technology lovers.

Partners and publishers that were strategically designed and chosen to talk to the target audience and had already been activated in IBM’s public relation campaign, were considered to enhance the frequency of impact that would occur for users.

To guarantee the protection of the IBM brand, DoubleVerify was chosen as IBM’s brand safety partner of choice to block impressions on content considered inappropriate while also ensuring the effectiveness of the campaign such as viewability and delivery in the desired countries.


The campaign showed an overall CTR of 2.69% and accumulated over 481,000 clicks, 32,505 site visits and 8,396 engaged visits.


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