Monex and Havas Media México achieve reach for a niche audience


For one of Havas Media México’s clients, Monex, the main campaign goal was reach. Monex wanted to achieve the best level of awareness and visibility possible, measured by impressions, among its niche target audience. To achieve Monex’s goal, Havas Media México created several campaigns, with different creatives and call to actions, which were focused towards Monex’s two different business lines, public services and businesses. The core KPI was impressions, at a maximum CPM of $50. The challenge was using a new format, Spaceback, and achieving reach among a very specialized target audience which could lead to much higher CPMs than target.


Havas Media México and Monex used MediaMath to activate the campaigns. They used display formats, focusing on social display through Spaceback so that users would recognize the brand, and display banners to generate awareness of the website. The target audience was reached using Retargetly audiences, using filters for age and economic background to ensure the campaign only targeted the right users.

  • For the business campaign using Spaceback, the audiences targeted had interests in business, finance, investments, politics and news, with an additional filter of age +35 and economic level of C+.
  • For the wider Social Display campaign, the audiences had an interest in technology, finance, business, investment and sport (gold and tennis) with an additional filter of age +35 and economic level of C+.
  • For the business display campaign, the target audience had an interest in cars, travel, hoouse buying, news, house rental, investments, business, finance and sport, with an additional filter of age +35 and economic level of C+.

The campaign was set up using MediaMath’s automatic controls for maximum optimization, and to make sure Havas Media México and Monex achieved the best performance for their investment. The creatives used were developed by the client to achieve highly specialized content. To maintain control over the creatives, brand safety tools were deployed to ensure the ads appeared in appropriate environments.


For the campaign aimed at businesses using social display, the principal goal was reach and required a maximum CPM of $48.

CPM per month:

  • April: $53.19
  • May: $44.43
  • June: $45.59
  • July: $46.76
  • August: $45.61

Although costs were above target for the first month, once optimizations were applied Havas were able to reduce costs and achieve the CPM target desired.

For the branding campaign using Social Display, the goal was to achieve reach and the target number of impressions with a maximum CPM of $50.

CPM per month:

  • April: $54.42
  • May: $46.37
  • June: $47.28
  • July: $48.36
  • August: $48.50

Similarly to the business social display campaign, the costs exceeded target within the first month. However, following optimizations, the costs were again reduced, achieving an average CPM of $48.90.

Business Display Campaign: To reach the impressions target the campaign required a maximum CPM of $58

CPM by month:

  • March: $45.08
  • April: $64.15
  • May: $56.66

In this campaign CPMs started off below target, before increasing in April. Havas worked to optimize the campaign, reducing it to below the CPM in May. Despite a hard-to-reach target audience these campaigns all reached their impression and CPM target thanks to the optimization and troubleshooting work of the Havas team.


Havas SA is a French multinational advertising and public relations company, headquartered in Paris, France. It operates in more than 100 countries and is one of the largest advertising and communications groups in the world. Havas consists of three main operational divisions.

Monex is established in key financial hubs across the globe, with offices spanning North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.