Havas run Display campaign through the MediaMath platform to achieve site visits for a leading jewellery brand


Havas Media Group Italy used MediaMath to achieve site visits for a leading jewellery brand. Previous campaigns had been optimized toward CTR, but this campaign was designed instead to drive visits to the site’s landing page. The flight dates were short at only three weeks and the client’s specifications are detailed which can cause challenges around scale. The campaign was designed to target users interested in buying jewellery for themselves, but also as gifts.

Core KPIs:

  • Visit Rate
  • CPA target of 5€
  • ROI greater than 1


The campaign leveraged display creatives to deliver maximum efficiency.

Following the client’s requirements Havas built a whitelist of around 300 sites. This was only PMP based inventory with a creative tag for each publisher. The data from these PMPs were analyzed continually by Havas’ trading team to ensure the campaign was optimized toward site visits. Optimizations took place daily using all of the tools available in the MediaMath platform.

To reach the core audience Havas’ DMP was used to create custom clusters which targeted mother’s day intenders, male gifter personas and users with an interest in fashion and jewellery.

The campaign was also set up to prevent ads being served overnight.

Additional brand safety was achieved by activating Peer39 prebid brand safety settings to exclude harmful content, fraud, and invalid traffic concerns, as well as content related to Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine.


The results of the campaign were excellent. The optimized CPA came in at 44% lower than the intended benchmark.

  • CPA Target – 5€
  • CPA Achieved – 2.8€

Given this campaign was optimized towards landing page visits rather than CTR, this campaign delivered a higher CTR rate than previous campaigns which had been optimized toward that goal.

The assisted conversion brought in by the activation delivered a positive assisted ROI of 1.1 The jewellery brand has been very impressed with Havas’ campaign through the MediaMath platform and has agreed to make this activation a must-have in all future campaigns.


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