Havas Media Group use CTV campaign to increase brand awareness for Financial Technology client


Havas Media Group and a Financial Technology business wanted to maximise scalability of the Q4 campaign to an all new level by tapping into CTV inventory.

The overarching campaign goal was to raise awareness and comprehension of the Financial Technology’s product using CTV. The challenge from the Financial Technology to Havas was that all previous CTV activity had always been run through a competitor partner. Not only did the Financial Technology want to prove that CTV was effective, they also wanted to identify which DSPs would be the most effective for them.

Following extensive research by Havas, a large target audience was identified, with a core focus on students and young parents who often rely on the Financial Technology’s product. The media metric which aligned with our overarching campaign goal of Awareness was identified as VTR. In order to maximise potential uplift in awareness we were set a lofty goal of 95% VTR. The Financial Technology also measured the actual increase of credit uptake via sign ups and transactions.


The campaign ran across MediaMath and three partner DSPs. Both short and long form video were used (6 seconds and 30 seconds respectively), as well as a complementary display campaign.

CTV was a particularly suitable choice of channel for the campaign because the Financial Technology’s offering is a complex product to explain and the Sound On nature and 100%-Viewable / Non-Skippable full screen environment supports the comprehension for the brand message. Havas’ strategy for running the campaign was two-fold. Upper funnel awareness aimed to achieve a high view through rate and a low cost per completed view. To achieve this, Havas used MediaMath’s optimization tools to optimize the campaign towards VTR – a key reason for choosing the MediaMath platform.

Lower-funnel success was measured by Financial Technology themselves through sign-ups and transactions for credit. Havas also partnered with Magnite and Pubmatic giving Havas access to unique inventory only available through MediaMath. The role of Magnite was to help build the deals into a CTV Meaningful Marketplace with premium content from the likes of Samsung, Rakuten and Discovery. From a Brand Safety point of view Havas vetted the site lists and channel lists Magnite and Pubmatic provided in partnership with MediaMath.


Havas achieved outstanding results from the MediaMath CTV campaign, not only delivering a large budget to great results during a competitive period, but also despite adding unexpected budgets under time pressure without impacting performance.

Six second creative

  • VTR Benchmark – 94/95%
  • VTR Achieved – 98%

15 second creative

  • Partner DSP VTR Benchmark – 40%
  • VTR Achieved – 97.3%

Havas also ran a Brand Lift study, which showed the CTV campaign drove an uplift of 5% in people naming the Financial Technology brand as one of the brands they know vs those not exposed. It also generated a 7% lift for brand consideration of the Financial Technology’s product – both metrics have been difficult to shift in previous campaigns due to the high brand recognition of the Financial Technology brand. The campaign has set new benchmarks and best practices for campaigns running CTV. This is now a main part of Financial Technology’s strategy and we have expanded the same tactics across other partners wherever possible.


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