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Connected TV World Summit

The television industry has never delivered a better product than today. It is stunning: the user experience, the choice of payment plans (including free and ‘lite’), the quality and diversity of content, the depth of the back-catalogue for superfans, the never-ending slate of original new programming, the choice of device and platforms and apps and discovery methods. Whether in a free home or a pay home, consumers have never had it so good.

But, there’s a challenge to keep what we have and generate growth in a very competitive market against this current unfavourable macro-economic background.

CTV23 is dedicated to making the 2020s a success story for every TV stakeholder! And MediaMath team can’t miss to be there, build conversations and find ways to help you face the challenges.

If you’d like to meet a member of our team during CTV23 to find ways on how we could help you, please email events@mediamath.com


Mar 21 - 22 2023

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