Payment and technology company use identity solutions to reach 44% more unique individuals and increase browser impressions with a cookieless campaign


With the demise of the third-party cookie on the near horizon, CARAT’s client, a global payments and a technology company, wanted to get ahead of testing identity solutions in Mexico to preserve data connectivity and addressability.

Third-party data is core to the brand’s strategy to achieve a more panoramic view of known and unknown consumers for persona building and targeting purposes. This change forced CARAT’s client to find alternative to know the reach of the various audience cuts and their behaviour, and thus comply with its reach and frequency KPIs.


Based on the objective set, it was necessary to be able to carry out this action through a specialized third-party partner that would provide a technology solution that could comply with the cookie solution. After analysing all the variables, the client decided to try the Panorama ID solution provided by Lotame.

To allow CARAT’s client to move towards a new model of how IDs would be impacted through an integrated ecosystem of deives, unique ID technology that would allow the construction of cross devices to stop activatin users and start working on IDs (1 ID = 3 users approx..) was chosen.

CARAT worked with Lotame to build audiences that reflected their client’s finely crafted personas. Extensive research was done to understand the changing affluent Mexican consumer post-pandemic, which showed consumers had a continued interest in physical activities and travelling locally or abroad. In an A/B test, creative would focus on the myriad travel and tourism deals open to consumers with the brand’s tools at their disposal.

Lotame provided high-quality third-party data to transform the brand’s personas into targetable audiences. Using the same age and intent travel parameters, both cookie segments and cookieless segments were created and shared with MediaMath for activation and optimization.


Cookieless targeting not only worked, but it also performed better than the cookie campaigns across all browsers proving that third-party audience targeting in a cookieless world is not only viable but delivers greater efficiencies and reach. Cookies were also 116% more expensive.

This campaign achieved a 31% impression lift in all browsers, 22% incremental impression in Chrome, 44% more unique individuals reached and had a 2.5X more efficient delivery.

In Mexico, Panorama ID’s representation of an individual is equivalent to 2.51 cookies. When frequency capping is set to three, the campaign is served 3x to an individual via Panorama ID. But with a cookie strategy, an individual could see the campaign up to 7 times or more.

Thanks to Panorama ID, the client reached new people that they wouldn’t have reached due to the absence of cookies.


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