Pharmaceutical brand’s CTV, Display and Native campaign for drug that treats rare condition reaches 4,700 patients with only a $129 cost per diagnosed patient reach.


Butler/Till’s client, a pharmaceutical brand that treats a rare condition that impacts roughly 100,000 patients in the US, wanted to maximize unique reach against diagnosed patients. Through this campaign they were looking to measure diagnosed patient reach, cost per diagnosed reach, cost per net visit to healthcare professional’s offices and targeting multiple (similar to an index measurement).


Butler/Till worked with their client to maximize reach against this niche audience through the MediaMath platform. Utilizing Display, Native and CTV inventory, a custom strategy was developed which included a mix of medical-claims-based audience targeting partners (those that are HIPAA compliant), site retargeting, and adaptive segmentation for targeting. Branded and unbranded creatives were used for messaging and MediaMath’s multicultural Marketplace was leveraged to curate select inventory. To ensure maximum viewability, brand safety and site engagement, the client implemented their own block and allow lists. Pre-bid DoubleVerify segments were also used to ensure the highest brand safety and viewability for the campaign. DBA was used to help optimize delivery and performance-based CPA KPI in-platform and weekly reviews of third-party measurement data allowed Butler/Tillto optimize their campaign by strategy on a regular basis.


Across all partners on Butler/Till’s paid media program, MediaMath delivered the highest key metrics.

  • Diagnosed patient reach: 4,700 (Other partners ranged from 39-790)
  • Cost per diagnose patient reach: $129 (other partners ranged from $255-$860)
  • Targeting multiple: 4.2x (other partners ranged from 1.4-2.8x)
  • Cost per net visit to healthcare professional’s offices: $2,800 (other partners ranging from $2,300-$8,800)

However, the result that is most important and cannot be measured by numbers is that this campaign helped connect patients in need with healthcare professionals and most importantly, positively impacted patient’s lives as a result.


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