Alcon use Display to increase efficiency by 87% in 60 days and improve Cost Per Online Eye Exam by 26%


Alcon, who specialize in innovative vision and eye care products, was looking for a way to drive value against the Cost Per Online Eye Exam—which had an established benchmark of $150—alongside driving the maximum volume of online eye exams scheduled possible. They were looking to target audiences that were in-market for contact lenses, designer eyewear shoppers, and more broadly, designer fashion aficionados specifically within Alcon’s 10 most important geographic regions.


Due to the nature of Alcon’s goals, they worked with their DMP Audigent and utilized display creatives to maximize both reach and efficiencies within the marketplace. To ensure accurate reporting throughout the campaign, Audigent had Alcon apply a conversion pixel on their floodlight in addition to MediaMath’s optimization algorithm Brain to maximize performance. Watermarking reports were also used to ensure the campaign’s goals and pacing setting were realistic and moving in a positive direction.

To ensure viewable ad environments, MediaMath’s pre-bid segments were used to maximize the opportunities for users to see and interact with the ads. All audiences were created using Audigent’s proprietary, interoperable Hadron ID.

To maximize performance within the prospecting targets, Audigent’s SmartPMPs, which use artificial intelligence and machine learning to package and optimize consumer-safe data with premium ad inventory supply at scale, were used. This gave insight into both the inventory coming through the supply side as well as the performance coming through MediaMath’s DSP, enhancing outcomes and brand safety in addition to optimizing supply sources to guarantee inventory quality.


The campaign delivered a Cost Per Online Eye Exam (CPOEE) of $109.65 which is over a 26% improvement on the original $150 CPOEE goal. This performance not only beat the goal but resulted in Alcon shifting budget away from another partner to the MediaMath-Audigent solution.

Embodying the full force of manual and algorithmic optimizations working together to surpass the campaign objective, the campaign showed an increase of 87% in efficiency in just 60 days. By Alcon working closely with Audigent’s supply team, Audigent was able to ensure the utilization of all supply path optimization capabilities from all angles in collaboration with MediaMath watermarking reports and Brain optimizations.


Audigent is the leading data activation, curation and identity platform. Audigent’s pioneering data platform unlocks the power of privacy-safe, first party data to maximize addressability and monetization of media at scale without using cookies. 

Alcon is a Swiss-American pharmaceutical and medical device company specializing in eye care products. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has a major presence in Fort Worth, Texas, United States, where it employs about 4,500 people.