The partnership will ensure publishers are rewarded fairly for audience data

New York: 06/15/23: MediaMath, the independent demand-side platform, today announces a new partnership with Waev Data, a web3 data technology that provides trusted, privacy-preserving data sharing and enhancement via data unions.

The partnership with Waev Data will provide MediaMath’s publisher partners with a new way to connect, enrich and monetize their data with verifiable lineage and proof-of-consent while maintaining data ownership. This integration will provide access to unique, high-value data for targeting and bring new levels of scale to first party-data standards like Seller Defined Audiences. 

With the deprecation of the third-party cookie and changes in data privacy legislation, advertisers are searching for new ways to deliver targeted campaigns. Seller defined audiences (SDA), where audiences are created based on IAB Tech Lab’s Audience Taxonomy standard, using factors like demographics, interest and purchase intent, are a promising avenue. SDAs eliminate the need for cookies, but also put publishers back in control of their data. However, because SDAs are set by an individual publisher, there are challenges with scale when it comes to delivering large programmatic advertising campaigns. 

Waev’s revolutionary technology enables data to be instantly anonymized and connected in a way that is free of user IDs in data outputs. By working with Waev, publishers can combine their SDAs, creating valuable synergies of scale, while maintaining control and transparency over how their data is being used, while being paid fairly for both their data and inventory. The solution also enables smaller publishers with high value data, to connect with larger publishers who find unique value in their data.  

“Connecting and sharing data has historically been a problem because of black box processes or relying on third-parties” said Phil McMannis, CEO at Waev Data.. At Waev, we’ve built new data technology that brings transparency to the black box without compromising privacy, consent or data ownership. This lets clients unlock new value via first-party data connections and leverage network effects. MediaMath has been an exceptional partner as they don’t just talk about the need to build trust and scale in data, they are driving the execution and adoption of this change.” 

“This partnership is all about creating value while enforcing data sovereignty, trust and transparency” said Sylvain Le Borgne, Chief Partnership Officer at MediaMath. “As an industry it’s vital that the players who are collecting valuable data own and control the rights to it, and are rewarded for it. Advertisers are facing a huge challenge with the loss of the third-party cookie, which have been the vehicle to activate data for the past 15 years. While SDAs are a great solution for targeting, scale is a real challenge to the adoption of this technology. Waev’s solution is unique in how it helps publishers address the challenges of scale, transparency, and monetization.  With this partnership MediaMath is aiming to help rebalance the relationship between consumer, advertiser, ad tech vendors and publishers so we can build a better industry moving forward”.