Lotame’s privacy-first identifier drove 31% more impressions than cookies across all browsers 

MEXICO CITY– (January 18, 2022) – Lotame (www.lotame.com), the only flexible data solutions provider to future proof connectivity and drive performance across all screens, today announced findings from a study conducted with MediaMath to test the viability of a cookieless third-party data targeting strategy across all browser environments. Comparing the results between a global financial brand’s campaign run with third-party cookies and another via Lotame Panorama ID, the study found that Panorama ID drove 31% more impressions than cookies across all browsers, as well as a 22% uplift in Chrome (where third-party cookies still live) — representing the incremental reach the Panorama ID has beyond the cookie space. 

“A cookieless world is not a looming future — it’s already here. Third-party cookie depreciation has most certainly already begun, and our work with Lotame has validated cookieless advertising campaigns,” said Guillermo Abud, LATAM General Manager, MediaMath. “This is another great example of how collaboration across the digital advertising ecosystem – supporting the open web – offers a clear path forward for marketers. This integration enables advertisers to leverage the Lotame Panorama ID to drive increased reach of premium precision audiences across channels, platforms, and devices to support marketers right now and into the future.” 

This first-of-its-kind cookieless study in Latin America, consisting of a credit card benefits campaign, targeted two personas showing continued interest in traveling locally or abroad by providing messaging around tourism and traveling. The personas were “Tulum-inatis,” single, young adults with no children and “Lady and Lord Multitask,” married people ages 29-45 with children.  

Leveraging the enrichment capabilities of the Lotame Panorama ID, Lotame provided the high-quality data necessary to transform the brand’s personas into targetable audiences. Using the same age and intent travel parameters, both audiences were then targeted via cookie segments and Panorama ID cookieless segments, the latter delivering superior results. 

In addition to increased impressions, the Panorama ID campaign saw: 

  • 2.5x more efficient in frequency capping 
  • 44% more unique individuals reached 
  • Cookie campaign was 116% more expensive than Panorama ID. The eCPM per unique individual reached was $13.65 using cookies and $6.31 using the Panorama ID 

“This campaign not only highlights the successes of cookieless targeting, but also its ability to outperform the very technology the industry is anxious to lose,” said Sebastian Yoffe, Managing Director, Latin America and US Hispanics at Lotame. “The irony is that the pending loss of third-party cookies ended up being a positive for the industry: we now know that audience targeting in a cookieless world is not only viable but delivers greater efficiencies and reach.” 

In October 2020, Lotame launched Lotame Panorama ID, the only enriched privacy-first global solution bringing identity to open web traffic. As the delivery mechanism for an extraordinary depth of rich, pseudonymized data, the average Panorama ID carries 200+ behavioral attributes. 

To learn more about how Lotame Panorama ID builds a connected digital advertising ecosystem for all, please visit www.lotame.com/panorama/id. 



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