Partnership empowers brands and agencies to leverage Tweets programmatically in display ads for improved performance and fast activation.

London, November 12th – MediaMath, acclaimed independent advertising technology company for leading brands and agencies, announced full support for Twitter Social Display Ads through its partnership with Spaceback, the global leader in Social Display, building upon the MediaMath Spaceback partnership announced earlier this month.

Twitter remains one of the most valuable channels for brands and influencers to reach consumers. With this partnership, MediaMath becomes the first Demand Side Platform (DSP) integrated with Spaceback to combine Twitter Social Display Ads with programmatic distribution for increased reach.
Spaceback is the AdTech startup that created Social Display. Spaceback can take a social media post (from Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest or Twitter), and within a matter of seconds turn this into a traditional online display format which can be used across all programmatic activity.

With MediaMath and Spaceback’s partnership, marketers are able to seamlessly activate Spaceback Social Display advertising within current and future media buys on MediaMath’s platform. Spaceback provides the creative workflow automation of ad tag and in-unit engagement tracking, while MediaMath delivers the most responsive, accountable and high performance advertising technology for brands to buy addressable media. Together, MediaMath and Spaceback can deliver campaigns that perform better across a range of metrics.

This latest innovation means that MediaMath customers, both brands and agencies, can use the MediaMath platform and its integration with Spaceback to take tweets from Twitter to use as standard display advertising anywhere online. Spaceback is the only platform that allows marketers to do this instantly and at scale. As the first and most comprehensive social display offering, Spaceback supports the largest variety of social networks, the most format types, the greatest number of ad sizes, and is the only platform to provide dynamic social validation data elements for a more authentic and better consumer experience.

The coronavirus pandemic has continued to keep consumers out of physical stores with the UK Office of National Statistics reporting that ecommerce, as a share of retails sales, spiked in the UK as high as 33%—a 2x increase over last year. According to McKinsey Digital, European consumer adoption of digital has accelerated by years in the timespan of only a few months, jumping from 81% to 95%.

“2020 has put Social Display in the spotlight like never before,” reports Casey Saran, Spaceback CEO, “With the pandemic and Facebook boycott, Social Display is accelerating amongst brands globally. Already, MediaMath customers are seeing a 50% CTR performance increase over standard banners, and we’re thrilled to expand their reach through Twitter Social Display Ads.”

“The pandemic and the Facebook controversies have forced brands to examine their disproportionate dependence on spend in social.” said Danny Sepulveda, SVP Policy and Advocacy at MediaMath. ”Spaceback and MediaMath make it easy for them to diversify that spend out onto the open internet using the same creative while avoiding the pitfalls and opacity of walled garden platforms. Combined with our brand safety capabilities and tools for opening up safe open internet content for targeting, together, we will help shape and preserve the open Internet for ad supported innovation, commerce, and discourse.”

With 80% of Twitter users outside of the U.S., international adoption of Twitter, along with Facebook and Instagram remains a key initiative. To support MediaMath in Europe, Spaceback has opened a London office led by Senior Advertising Executive Craig Mytton (AppNexus/Xandr, Rubicon Project/Magnite, Essence).

About Spaceback
Launched in 2018 by serial AdTech entrepreneurs Casey Saran and Joe Hall, Spaceback is the AdTech startup that created Social Display. Their creative automation platform is purpose-built for the programmatic era and generates better performing creative at a fraction of the cost of standard banners. The firm maintains offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and previously received funding from MathCapital, FreakOut, Gambit Ventures. More information about Spaceback can be found by visiting including the following social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.