MediaMath, acclaimed independent advertising technology company for leading brands and agencies, and SuperAwesome, the leading kid-safe digital engagement platform announced an integration to enable kid-directed, safe programmatic advertising for advertisers and agencies that are sensitive to the requirements of data protection laws.

Browser cookies, mobile identifiers, location and other commonly-used data points in ad transactions are effectively not permitted for the under-16 audience under laws such as COPPA, the CCPA and GDPR. As a result, most programmatic platforms simply blocked all child-directed inventory, limiting the overall kids digital ecosystem for developers and content owners.

SuperAwesome has pioneered the ‘kidtech’ sector, privacy-based technology which is expressly designed for safe and compliant engagement with children. The company’s Kid-Safe Filter is being used by MediaMath to ensure all ad impressions presented to children through their platform are safe and free from children’s personal identifiers. Additionally, all ad creatives are reviewed by SuperAwesome’s moderation process to ensure they are suitable for the audience in question. Powered by SuperAwesome, MediaMath is now setting the industry benchmark for kid-safe, compliant ad buying.

Viktor Zawadzki, General Manager APAC and EMEA, MediaMath, commented: “The children’s audience represents a fast-growing and dynamic market, which has accelerated significantly as a result of recent lockdowns. But the safety of children, and compliance with data protection laws, has to be absolutely paramount for brands. We’re very proud to be able to set the standard for children’s privacy, compliance and safety across a more accountable and addressable supply chain, delivering a fully kid-safe solution to our customers thanks to our integration with SuperAwesome.”

“MediaMath continues to lead the industry in ensuring a transparent, trustworthy chain for advertisers, publishers and consumers and, as part of this, the brand safety of our clients is our absolute priority.”

Kate O’Loughlin, SuperAwesome COO commented that “MediaMath is on a journey to provide a 100% accountable and addressable supply chain, which benefits not only advertisers but consumers as well. By working with SuperAwesome, they are setting a benchmark for child-safety and compliance with relevant data protection laws. This partnership is a milestone for agencies and advertisers who can now safely engage with the under-16 audience programmatically with MediaMath”.

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About SuperAwesome:
SuperAwesome powers the children’s internet. The company has pioneered the kidtech market: technology which delivers digital media functionality with a ‘zero-data’ design to ensure total safety for kids. SuperAwesome’s technology is used by hundreds of brands, agencies and content-owners to safely engage with over 500M kids every month.

SuperAwesome has offices in London, New York, LA and Chicago. Founded by serial entrepreneur Dylan Collins, the company was recently acquired by Epic Games.

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