MediaMath, through SOURCE, continues to lead the digital advertising industry’s transformation with commitment to high-quality inventory, data science prowess and advancements in CTV.

MediaMath, acclaimed independent advertising technology company for brands and agencies, announced it has been named a Leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for AdTech for the third year in a row.

The company’s data science-driven innovation via its Brain machine learning algorithm, its vision to redesign the digital supply chain through SOURCE and its consultative partnership to major brands and agencies have cemented its leadership in the ad tech market.

A complimentary copy of the full report can be viewed here. 

“Our mission is to reimagine the digital advertising ecosystem with modern principles and technological specifications to align advertisers and publishers across a complex marketplace,” said MediaMath founder and CEO Joe Zawadzki. “This is no easy task, but we have been able to deliver on that mission. We have developed a powerful and flexible platform, with TV inside, backed by a world-class client success organization dedicated to turning impressions into business results. We appreciate Gartner’s recognition. On behalf of our clients – we’re the world’s most sophisticated and driven brands and agencies.”

MediaMath has made significant progress in bringing the power of digital advertising to TV, rolling out robust contextual targeting capabilities, broadcast and cable partnerships, and advanced analytics to drive its strategic advantage through 2021 via the SOURCE digital media supply chain.

MediaMath’s Future Vision and Strong Focus on CTV

As MediaMath has evolved its industry-leading DSP and designed a curated ecosystem with SOURCE, it has also focused its recent efforts on improving its CTV capabilities to address the shifts in ad spend over the last year. With ongoing investments in technology and partnerships with TV-focused companies like Inscape, Magnite and TVSquared, MediaMath has brought the power of TV advertising under a single point of access so advertisers can buy, measure and optimize CTV alongside mobile and display.

“The unexpected global events in 2020 have continued to accelerate the shift from Linear TV to CTV. It is now even more necessary to execute and measure CTV just like every other channel the programmatic industry has brought efficiency to over the years,” said MediaMath SVP of Product, Anudit Vikram. “We are hyper-focused on delivering innovative solutions creating a transparent and performant supply chain and are excited to bring CTV into the fold as another channel our customers can leverage to maximize their ROI.”

What Clients Say About MediaMath via Gartner Peer Insights

“One of the best.” “A very strong team across the board and across the globe. A great team to work with. 100% on customer success, creating joint value and delivering quality,” Head Of Programmatic Media in Services. Firm Size: 30B+

“A Mix Of Good Services And Relationship With A Powerful Tool,” Head Of Global Media in the Transportation Industry. Firm Size: 10B – 30B

“Cutting Edge DSP with Cross-Platform Capabilities.” “They are actively looking at long-term strategic initiatives that we need such as cross-device attribution via a connected ID, as well as lining up strategic partners to target premium OTT video advertising,” VP, Programmatic Marketing in Media Industry. Firm Size: 10B – 30B USD

“Would Highly Recommend MediaMath.” “The team at MediaMath have not only delivered strong results in competitive markets but have developed into strategic partners based on their wealth of knowledge within the Programmatic space. Would very highly recommend partnering with their platform and team,” Head Of Acquisition, Media. Firm Size: 500M+1B USD

“Implementation, Execution And Support With The TerminalOne Platform Is Seamless,” Director of Paid Activation in Construction Industry. Firm Size: 1B – 3B