This article originally appeared on Beet.TV.

Compared with some of the more troubled parts of the digital advertising ecosystem, TV has always been considered cleaner.

Whilst online ad buyers, over the last few years, have wrung their hands over viewability, fraud and supply-chain transparency issues, television – if only because it has been, by definition, disconnected – has sailed on by the controversy.

Could the new connection of TV devices to the internet change that, however?

Integrated Ad Science, a maker of ad fraud detection software, says it is gearing up to launch a product for connected TVs by Q1 2020.

But Mike Fisher, the VP of advanced TV at online ad platform MediaMath, says the problem isn’t necessarily a problem… if you buy from the right places.

“Connected TV is inherently 100% in-view, unskippable and fraud-free when buying through the right pipes,” he says, in this video interview with Beet.TV

“MediaMath’s philosophy is to always buy directly from the end seller, and from premium-end sellers, especially for connected TV… the Hulus, the NBCs, the Viacoms, the Discoveries of the world.

“We know that they are the good actors in the space. They’re not sending impressions saying they’re one thing (but) that they’re another. We’re not worried about impression spoofing or server-side ad insertion spoofing. We know what we’re buying is what we think we’re buying because of who we’re buying from.”

Fisher acknowledges some lingering issues like the inability of TV to truly indicate digital viewabilty signals, like whether a viewer walked out of the room during an ad playback.

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