This article originally appeared in Mobile Marketing

Programmatic advertising company MediaMath has committed to a 100 per cent accountable and addressable supply chain by the end of 2020, as part of a pledge to clean up the industry. The first step toward this is the launch of MediaMath’s latest product, Source.

Source aims to bring brands and agencies closer to the original ‘source’ of their media. According to the company, it is accountable, addressable, and AI-powered, offering real impressions on real media properties and a single view of who a brand’s customers and prospects are across channels.

“We set out to change marketing for the better. Unfortunately, the purity of our industry’s intentions when we built the digital infrastructure have gotten lost in fraud, waste, and irrelevance. It’s created more ads instead of good ads and minimised the value of quality supply in its purest and most transparent form,” said Joe Zawadzki, MediaMath CEO. “As some of the earliest pioneers of programmatic, we feel called to help fix what’s broken.”

“Simply put, instead of brands being able to focus on growing and deepening direct customer relationships, much of their time is sucked up with the operational and service burdens of a broken ecosystem. The supply chain must be rearchitected to fuel growth and health for brands and free creatives to create, and in turn operate a more trustworthy ecosystem with aligned incentives for everyone.”

The launch of the Source ecosystem follows MediaMath’s agreement with Rubicon Project to work together to create ‘a direct and transparent programmatic delivery infrastructure’. It also has a partnership with video management platform Telaria and, as part of Source’s launch, has extended its existing partnership with White Ops.