NEW YORK — March 5, 2019 — Flashtalking, the leading global independent ad server for people-based marketing, today announced the debut of a new feature to manage frequency simultaneously across all buying endpoints, with several major partners already on board, including Adobe Advertising Cloud, who are helping beta test the offering, as well as MediaMath and Amobee as inaugural partners. Despite today’s advanced media-buying technology, it remains the case that a small portion of exposed users consumes a large share of total impressions. The new feature, Frequency Signaling, helps marketers to reduce wasted impressions and to reallocate their budgets more efficiently.

Adobe Advertising Cloud who are beta testing the offering. “Managing frequency across your programmatic and direct buys is such a fundamental of effective advertising, but it’s often neglected as marketers inadvertently bombard some people while underexposing others,” said Sahil Gupta, Director of Global Partnerships for Adobe Advertising Cloud. “As we continue to deepen our integration and partnership with Flashtalking, this new signaling capability will allow joint clients to effectively manage frequency across all of their buys and ultimately give consumers a better experience with advertising.”

The frequency signal intervenes at a time when the broader industry is taking steps to improve the overall quality and contextual relevance of advertising. While Flashtalking’s Frequency Signalling capability helps to address the diminishing returns associated with excessive frequency, the tool also empowers marketers and their agencies to ensure messages arrive at an appropriate juncture in the overall path to purchase.

“Enabling frequency management across multiple platforms enhances the quality and contextual relevance of advertising, which greatly improves the user experience while mitigating the diminishing returns often associated with excessive frequency,” said Jackie Vanover, Vice President, DSP, MediaMath. “MediaMath’s partnership with Flashtalking furthers our commitment to delivering technology that supports a mature and accountable environment that aligns the interests of our clients, their partners, and the ecosystem we connect to them to.“

Frequency Signalling is available as an option within Flashtalking’s Campaign Manager, its proprietary ad server workflow tool used by global brands and agencies for over a decade to carry out business critical tasks required for cross channel digital advertising.

“Frequency is one of the most important variables to overall advertising effectiveness,” said John Nardone, CEO of Flashtalking. “Creative matters. Context matters. But too much – or not enough – of the right message can still lead to the wrong outcome. This capability evolves the practice of frequency management a few steps further.”

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