NEW YORK, October 30, 2018—MediaMath today announced the release of the Guaranteed Viewable Market, which offers impression-level verification powered by MediaMath’s enterprise identity solution, delivering exclusive access to 100% viewable, 100% fraud-free media. In its beta release, the market offers omnichannel media execution across mobile and desktop channels. The Guaranteed Viewable Marketbrings the promises of blockchain – transparency, trust and immutable consensus– to digital marketing today, and it paves the way for a future of innovation.

“The Guaranteed Viewable Marketis the ideal supply chain architecture in digital marketing today,” said Lewis Rothkopf, MediaMath’s head of supply products.“Buying viewable media is notoriously difficult to execute and even more difficult to scale, preventing viewable media from contributing outsized ROI for brands. Not anymore. We’ve created a simple, scalable means to activate viewable, fraud-free media across channels. It’s the way marketing should work.”

The Guaranteed Viewable Market is a key part of MediaMath’s ambitious product roadmap to create the next-generation supply chain necessary to better connect marketers and consumers. It operates seamlessly with MediaMath’s open and extensible, cross-device identity stack and its artificial intelligence solutions. Collectively, these initiatives make the brand-consumer dialogue of tomorrow available today: more welcomed, more interwoven to the consumer’s content experience, and more trustworthy.

The Guaranteed Viewable Market is being launched in collaboration with Junto Cryptographica, a blockchain technology company that is funded by MediaMath’s captive venture fund, MathCapital.

“This is exactly the right place to start on the path toward a better enabling architecture,” said Isaac Lidsky, Junto Cryptographica’s President. “If we’re going to build a new, brighter future for the digital marketing industry using blockchain, we must focus on functionality and tackle the real-world business implications of this momentous opportunity–and all that it represents for our businesses. The Guaranteed Viewable Market is proof. Junto Cryptographica is proud to have created this transformational marketplace with MediaMath, and we’re certain that the game-changing technology we’re developing will only enhance its functionality in the future.”

The Guaranteed Viewable Market offers inventory in desktop and mobile web display. At the impression level, the platform surfaces inventory with only the highest probability of viewability, based on numerous factors including placement characteristics and publisher contextualization—before it is bought at auction. Post-impression, inventory is viewability-verified by Moat and measured for fraud by DoubleVerify. Critically, marketers do not pay for impressions that fall short of the market’s performance requirements.

The beta makes this functionality available in global markets including the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and Singapore.