NEW YORK, March 29, 2018—MediaMath today announced it has joined non-profit industry consortium, DigiTrust. The group aims to improve the digital experience across the ecosystem through a single and neutral, first-party and cookie-based user identification platform.

“The industry is overdue for a solution that solves for the reality of global fragmentation and inconsistency,” said John Slocum, MediaMath’s Vice President of DMP. “We need to acknowledge that data-driven marketing creates a tremendous amount of value for both consumer and brand when done right, but may introduce real societal risks and concerns when done wrong.”

The consortium believes the standardized approach will improve both user experience and advertiser outcomes by enabling lossless communication from sell- to buy-side, decreasing reliance on ID syncs and increasing the scale and accuracy of both cookie targeting and cross-device / personalized targeting.

MediaMath defines “identity” in the context of digital marketing as the ability for people to understand and manage their presence across an increasingly complex portfolio of devices and services; and as the ability for industry to utilize that presence in delivery of personalized offers, products, services, and communications that create value.

The DigiTrust cookie ID will be the standard across the MediaMath platform which will begin transacting on the IDs in Q218.  The company will continue integration throughout the MediaMath platform as the consortium scales further. Publishers interested in improved monetization on the MediaMath platform are encouraged to join the consortium.

Slocum maintains that digital advertising is the lifeblood of the internet, and engine of the global economy. As the largest marketing channel for the companies that build the products and services we use every day, brands need marketing to work more than ever.

“MediaMath represents a significant investment of buy-side demand available to DigiTrust membership,” said Jordan Mitchell, CEO of DigiTrust. “This is further confirmation that consumers and every part of our industry benefit from an independent and neutral cookie.”

Building A Consumer-First Ecosystem

MediaMath’s entrance into the DigiTrust consortium is one of several initiatives being deployed to improve the marketing ecosystem, including the rollout of ads.txt to publishers within its premium supply offering, Curated Market.  The company is actively involved in the IAB Europe Working Group on Transparency & Consent, which developed technology standards designed to provide consumers with greater transparency into and control over the use of their data. Additional consumer-first marketing initiatives will be underway throughout 2018.

About MediaMath

MediaMath’s technology and services help brands and their agencies drive business outcomes through programmatic marketing. We believe that good advertising is consumer-first, delivering relevant and meaningful marketing experiences across channels, formats and devices. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that buy, optimize and report in real time, our platform gives sophisticated marketers access to first-, second- and third-party data and trillions of digital impressions across every media channel. Clients are supported by solutions and services experts that make it simple to activate our technology. Since launching the first Demand Side Platform (DSP) in 2007, MediaMath has grown to a global company of nearly 700 employees in 17 locations in every region of the world. MediaMath’s clients include all major holding companies and operating agencies as well as leading brands across top verticals.

About DigiTrust

DigiTrust is a neutral, non-profit industry consortium spawned from an IAB working group. It’s comprised of ad tech platforms and premium publishing brands who collaboratively deploy and support a standardized, privacy-safe, first-party, cookie-based user ID in order to improve the consumer online experience. The DigiTrust technology solution creates an anonymous user token, designed to be propagated by and between its members in lieu of billions of third party requests (from pixel syncs) on Web pages daily.