Tokyo, March 7th, 2018 – MediaMath, the leading programmatic company for marketers, has reinforced its commitment to developing the Japanese market through the recent appointment of Keiichiro Tomimatsu as new Country Manager as well as launching its first major training session for Japanese clients through MediaMath’s educational arm – New Marketing Institute.

In addition to spearheading the Japanese business and building a more robust local team, Tomimatsu’s remit includes bridging the skills gap that exists in the local marketing industry. According to recent research by PwC, the demand for programmatic technology in Japan will grow from US $ 1.1 billion in 2016 to an estimated US $170 billion by 2020, making it the fastest rising programmatic market in the world. However, a vast knowledge and skills gap in the marketing and digital advertising industry exists locally.

“The digital marketing industry now requires increased understanding of modern programmatic technology/tools,” Tomimatsu said. “With our cumulative knowledge of the Japanese market over the past six years we have had a presence locally, MediaMath was excited to hold the NMI training for the first time in Japan to bridge the skills gap and empower marketers to do more. We will continue this initiative and strive to spread programmatic marketing education.”

NMI has provided programmatic training for major advertising agencies across the Asia-Pacific region, including monthly courses open to the public and customized classes designed specifically for APAC clients. To date, more than 160 APAC-unique sessions and certification programs have been conducted, but this marks the first in Japan, with many more planned for the future. In this inaugural training, NMI gave an overview of the digital marketing landscape and addressed common misconceptions about programmatic marketing for major advertising agencies in Japan.

In attendance at the session, Reynald Sauvet, Dentsu’s Business Lead for the P&G account in Japan, said, “I really recommend this session with MediaMath to regroup and align your teams on a fundamental understanding of programmatic and to quickly adapt your own internal commercial strategy to a data-driven environment.”

“Programmatic is on the top of every clients’ agenda in Japan. It is mission-critical that all of our agency personnel, whether they are offline or biddable experts, understand the complex capabilities programmatic buying offers and are able to communicate these benefits simply and clearly with clients,” said Joe Fried, Head of Digital at Mindshare Japan. “The sessions MediaMath hosted distilled and delivered these benefits to a degree that was both interesting and insightful for all levels and helped drive increased programmatic knowledge across the agencies. Our clients will surely benefit from this as programmatic continues its progression to becoming the centerpiece of digital activation in Japan.”


About MediaMath

MediaMath’s technology and services help brands and their agencies drive business outcomes through programmatic marketing. We believe that good advertising is customer-centric, delivering relevant and meaningful marketing experiences across channels, formats and devices. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that buy, optimize and report in real time, our platform gives sophisticated marketers access to first-, second- and third-party data and trillions of digital impressions across every media channel. Clients are supported by solutions and services experts that make it simple to activate our technology. Since launching the first Demand Side Platform (DSP) in 2007, MediaMath has grown to a global company of nearly 700 employees in 15 locations in every region of the world. MediaMath’s clients include all major holding companies and operating agencies as well as leading brands across top verticals. In 2017, MediaMath was recognized by Forrester as a Leader in the Data Management Platform category, and as the Leader in the Demand Side Platform category.