CHICAGO: Cision and MediaMath have linked up to demonstrate the combined value of earned and paid media activations.

While earned media is acknowledged as a driver of reputation and brand, its effect on paid media within a larger marketing strategy has historically been more difficult to measure, a problem this partnership hopes to address.

“It’s a blindspot they’ve always had that they hate, they need to fix, and we’re finally fixing it,” said Cision CEO Kevin Akeroyd.

This partnership will “identity synch” the tracking pixels used by MediaMath, an adtech vendor, and by Cision, he added.

This provides “a common identity and language so paid and earned can talk at the requisite level together. Not in segments, or in theory, but all the way down to the individual,” said Akeroyd.

The partnership will allow clients to measure earned media’s impact in broader marketing campaigns, providing a fix to earned media’s struggle to quantify its impact, as well as amplification across earned and paid.

“This gives comms pros, or CMOs, the ability to provide communication and messaging across all channels,” added Greg Williams, co-founder of MediaMath and SVP of business development at the adtech firm.

It will also allow comms pros to use paid media tactics, including the amplification of a press release or earned media pick-up through paid channels, Akeroyd said. It will introduce “earned media retargeting” and “guaranteed news views.”

The earned media data can also be used to improve the performance of paid and owned media investments.