A new white paper from The CMO Club in partnership with MediaMath makes the point that CMOs are increasingly adopting a programmatic marketing mindset vs. a programmatic advertising one.

What does that mean?

The paper suggests that while programmatic media buying has been around for nearly a decade, marketers have yet to reach its full potential. Programmatic media can be tapped for 100% of media budgets and used to enable more sophisticated audience management and analytics. In other words, it’s much more than a mere line item on media plans.

The white paper defined programmatic as that which “leverages technology to automate and optimize the planning, purchasing, execution and analysis of digital marketing across channels, [and] is empowering CMOs to connect their technology decisions with real business results.”

The growing convergence of ad and marketing tech, driven by automated systems on both sides of the equation, plus the cornucopia of available data, has the ability to make ads more targeted across paid and owned media. Marketers and publishers need to expand their range of vision where programmatic is concerned to include more channels and functions.

“The future of programmatic is looking at other mediums. Currently, programmatic is being used in video and mobile, but TV is just dabbling in this space. What about the Internet of Things?”  asked Sean Cheyney, VP, audience extension sales, Triad Retail Media.

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