While investments in programmatic media buying is on the rise, marketers surveyed by Forrester highlight key challenges they face in this space.

Most important among them are a lack of time to understand and implement programmatic, lack of programmatic skills, the complexity of the technical implementation and, lastly, not having an agency partner that can help them use programmatic.

According to Rahul Vasudev, managing director, Asia Pacific, MediaMath, “a large obstacle is internal education, so it is imperative that marketers invest in formal programmatic education for themselves to enable themselves to reap the benefits that successful programmatic practices deliver.”

The study, commissioned by MediaMath, found that 41% of senior marketing professionals in Asia Pacific (APAC) have already adopted programmatic buying into their media buying processes, with Australia (48%), Japan (46%) and Singapore (46%) leading as the most mature markets in the region.

Of these, 82% are either satisfied or highly satisfied with their investment in programmatic technology, indicating that marketers are benefiting and getting returns from their programmatic adoption. Furthermore, an exceedingly positive 96% of these adopters plan to continue investing in programmatic technology in the next 24 months.


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