SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LiveRamp™, an Acxiom® company (NASDAQ:ACXM), today announced that it has launched its data onboarding service in the United Kingdom and France to meet rapidly growing demand from clients and partners. Global and local brands can now use LiveRamp to activate offline first- and third-party data across their marketing stack, enabling them to reach consumers with relevant messages and tie online campaigns back to real sales results.

“Through LiveRamp, we can provide brands with better ability to understand customer journeys, execute 1-to-1 marketing strategies, and measure the impact of campaigns on in-store sales.”

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“In today’s era of omni-channel commerce, consumers engage with a brand across multiple touchpoints. Connecting data at the consumer level is key to providing unique experiences as well as products and services that exceed expectations,” said Michel Bellanger, Head of Marketing for Carrefour Media. “Through LiveRamp, we can provide brands with better ability to understand customer journeys, execute 1-to-1 marketing strategies, and measure the impact of campaigns on in-store sales.”

LiveRamp makes it safe and easy for marketers to bring their highly valuable first-party CRM and sales transaction data into their preferred DMPs, measurement systems, and online marketing platforms for display, video, search, mobile and website optimization. By acting as a connectivity layer across all parts of the marketing stack, LiveRamp breaks down data silos and enables highly effective people-based strategies for measurement, targeting, and 1-to-1 marketing.

“Our expansion into Europe represents a significant step toward our vision for powering a world where all marketing is relevant,” said Travis May, president and general manager, LiveRamp. “Marketers are faced with overwhelming complexity created by an explosion of data, devices, and applications. Data onboarding simplifies omni-channel engagement and dramatically reduces waste by enabling everything in the marketing stack to work together.”

Through LiveRamp’s data onboarding service, client records are matched in a Safe Haven™ environment that conforms to regional data protection requirements. Data is matched with the highest levels of accuracy using a combination of Acxiom AbiliTec® for offline recognition and deterministic matching of records to online devices. Once data is matched, clients can distribute data across a rapidly growing ecosystem that includes more than 300 partners in the US, and over 100 partners in Europe.

“We’re excited to work with LiveRamp to bring the benefits of data onboarding to international markets,” said Amit Ahuja, general manager of data management, Adobe. “Together, LiveRamp and Adobe deliver a powerhouse solution for helping marketers unlock the power of their data to deliver seamless experiences across any channel and device.”

“Data is both the fuel and exhaust of programmatic marketing. Our partnership with LiveRamp is key in our ability to help brands and agencies maximize the impact of their data, communicating with their best customers and driving business outcomes. And by expanding to new global markets, LiveRamp allows MediaMath to support our clients where they are,” said Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath.

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LiveRamp connects more than 300 digital marketing platforms and data providers. We help marketers eliminate data silos and unlock greater value from the tools they use every day. By onboarding and unifying customer data across disparate systems, we provide the connectivity brands need to reach consumers across channels and measure the impact of marketing on sales. LiveRamp is an Acxiom company delivering privacy safe solutions to market and honoring the best-practices of leading associations including the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) ICON and App Choices programs. For more information, visit

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