Singapore, 14 April, 2016 – MediaMath, creator of the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™ for digital marketers, has today announced that the New Marketing Institute (NMI), the company’s education and training arm, is being launched in Asia Pacific. Starting this month, NMI will bring to APAC unique courses and certification programs that will help train aspiring marketers or even professionals across different levels of digital marketing proficiency to grasp and embrace programmatic techniques and technologies. With a successful track record globally, NMI comes to APAC with a localised approach that suits the unique cultural nuances of the various markets in the region, starting with in-person classroom training in Singapore, and live online courses accessible by all markets.

More and more marketers have realised the importance and value of efficient audience targeting enabled by programmatic advertising. However, there still lies a vast programmatic knowledge and skills gap in the marketing and digital advertising industry. This trend, and the dearth of dedicated programmatic education providers, prompted the original establishment of NMI in the United States in 2012. As APAC continues to experience high adoption rates of programmatic, NMI is working towards the same goals of enabling programmatic learning and talent in APAC.

Underscoring the need for education in programmatic, Rahul Vasudev, Managing Director of APAC at MediaMath said, “Newer advertising practices and rapid advancements in data and media technologies, especially programmatic, are regularly disrupting the industry. However, during this constant evolution process, media and marketing professionals have very few avenues to stay abreast of the changing ecosystem. This is creating a significant talent gap in the industry. By establishing NMI in APAC, MediaMath is committed to giving back to the industry and helping grow the entire space.”

NMI will offer modular courses designed to meet learners wherever they are in their career, whether these are individuals who are new to the industry or industry veterans looking to become certified in programmatic. “NMI’s courses are taught by instructors who have real-world experience in digital marketing and the technology that underpins it, so they are highly topical, local, and relevant to the regions in which they are taught. Since 2013, NMI has trained more than 9,000 professionals globally and we are very happy to bring this opportunity to APAC,” says Elise James-De-Cruise, VP, New Marketing Institute.

The course modules range from basic (Digital Marketing 101) to intermediate (Programmatic 101) to more advanced and technology-focused modules, such as Omnichannel and TerminalOne Platform Certifications. The courses will be conducted in physical classrooms, as well as online and on-demand. The inaugural class for APAC is scheduled on 26 April 2016, Tuesday at 10.30 (SGT). For the full schedule and registration, please visit:


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