Integration Enables ShopStyle to Mobilize a More Efficient Audience Targeting Approach

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Apr 11, 2016) – TruSignal and MediaMath recently launched a new campaign, through their expanded integration, which has shown strong results for ShopStyle, the digital shopping platform owned by POPSUGAR Inc. TruSignal, the leading provider of custom people-based audiences for digital advertising, and MediaMath, a global media and technology company, partnered to enable ShopStyle’s real-time access to TruSignal’s custom predictive audiences for retargeting campaigns, within the MediaMath TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™. Leveraging TruSignal’s innovative Direct Response Audience Filtering solution, MediaMath used the scores to improve impression targeting and bidding, which resulted in a 200% increase in conversions and a 60% decrease in cost per order.

ShopStyle was looking for ways to increase performance and was among the first to leverage an expanded integration between TruSignal and MediaMath. TruSignal integrated its proprietary on-demand predictive scoring platform directly into MediaMath’s platform to build a custom audience filter, a service available to all MediaMath customers. ShopStyle activated TruSignal’s audience filter to identify and avoid non-converters from its retargeting campaigns.

To create the audience filter, TruSignal evaluated thousands of offline data points and created a custom scoring model based on a sample of ShopStyle’s desired customers. TruSignal then scored 220 million U.S. adults and identified people with low scores, those people highly unlikely to convert, to create the custom audience filter. The custom-built scores were loaded into MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™ and applied to ShopStyle’s existing retargeting campaigns to influence its bidding strategy by informing what price should be paid for each impression, based on the scores. TruSignal’s audience filter was used to avoid bidding on consumers who would never buy.

ShopStyle was able to see a 200% increase in conversions and a 60% decrease in cost per order within the first 30 days. “We ran a side-by-side test and the audience filter led to a significant lift in conversions,” said Loren Simon, vice president of marketing at ShopStyle. “We’re excited to continue implementing the filtering technology across our retargeting efforts.”

“We are thrilled to be the first platform chosen to deploy TruSignal’s custom audience filtering solution. We are constantly committed to delivering significant returns to our clients via new and innovative audience targeting solutions, and, as in this case, we let the results speak for themselves, ” said Aruna Paramasivam, head of data and tech partnerships for MediaMath.

The connection of MediaMath’s online behavioral analytics with TruSignal’s offline profile analytics provides ShopStyle with the most comprehensive picture of its prospects. Furthermore, TruSignal’s audiences consist only of verified consumer profiles, which enable ShopStyle to target actual consumers across any channel and device.

“The integration between TruSignal and MediaMath delivers cutting-edge technologies to digital marketers, providing a real advantage to brands like ShopStyle in today’s competitive marketplace. Our predictive scoring platform, paired with MediaMath’s campaign management and existing analytics, delivers a truly innovative, data-driven solution to ShopStyle’s marketing team,” said TruSignal President David Dowhan.

About TruSignal
TruSignal uses big data, predictive analytics and technology to deliver a more advanced way to target people for brands, agencies and platforms. Its integrated platform combines 12 different types of non-sensitive offline data, thousands of predictive attributes, a unique predictive analytics engine, people-based scoring, a closed-loop measurement system and unsurpassed digital reach that can anonymously message customers across multiple channels. TruSignal’s team brings decades of experience in data-driven marketing, predictive analytics, experimental design, campaign optimization, and scalable Big Data management. TruSignal was spun off from eBureau, its sister company, in 2012. TruSignal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of xTech Holdings, Inc., and its investors include Redpoint Ventures, Split Rock Partners and Tenaya Capital. For more information, please visit Follow TruSignal on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and read the latest industry opinions and ideas on the company’s Audience Matters blog.

About MediaMath
MediaMath is a global technology company that’s leading the movement to revolutionize traditional marketing and drive transformative results for marketers through its TerminalOne Marketing Operation System™. A pioneer in the industry for introducing the first Demand-Side Platform with the company’s founding in 2007, MediaMath is the only company of its kind to empower marketers with an extensible, open platform to unleash the power of goal-based marketing at scale, transparently across the enterprise. TerminalOne activates data, automates execution, and optimizes interactions across all addressable media, delivering superior performance, transparency, and control to all marketers and better, more individualized experiences for consumers. It has a seasoned management team leading 15 global locations across five continents. Key clients include every major agency holding company, operating agency, and top brands across verticals.

About ShopStyle
SHOPSTYLE, from POPSUGAR Inc., is the leading digital fashion-shopping platform for shoppers 18-45. SHOPSTYLE brings together the most-fashionable brands and the best stores, allowing users to shop from over 12 million products from apparel, home decorating, and kids’ items. The company influences over a billion dollars in gross annual retail revenue. SHOPSTYLE Collective, SHOPSTYLE’s influencer program, monetizes digital shopping content for more than 14,000 members (bloggers, Vloggers, Instagrammers and app developers) around the world. For more information, visit

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