The value of native advertising worldwide is expected to almost double over the next three years, rising from $30.9bn in 2015 to $59.35bn in 2018.

Adyoulike, a native advertising company, announced the launch of its in-feed native advertising retargeting platform. This is the first time that retargeting has been integrated into in-feed native advertising, and represents the company’s commitment to offer advertisers the opportunity to serve relevant and highly targeted native ads in an unobtrusive way.

The technology works much like retargeting in traditional display, but will sit natively, in-feed, matching the editorial look and feel of the publishing website – but will be clearly labelled as sponsored, promoted or advertising.

Julien Verdier, Adyoulike CEO, (pictured top left) comments: “We are extremely excited to be launching the industry first in native advertising in-feed retargeting. The strengths and capabilities offered by native advertising are huge. Couple that with the proven response rate of retargeting users with relevant content to help them through the buying cycle and you have the catalyst for a really effective piece of digital advertising.

“This market leading technology will be deployed and made available across the Adyoulike Native Advertising Exchange, our programmatic native ad marketplace, where we know it will greatly benefit our advertisers, publishers and SaaS partners who are keen to offer relevant ads that don’t disrupt their consumers’ online experience.”

Adyoulike has pioneered programmatic native advertising in Europe and the adoption of Open RTB 2.3. In March 2015 Adyoulike was the first to launch a programmatic native exchange with AppNexus, followed up in October 2015 with a MediaMath programmatic native advertising integration. Additional programmatic integrations are taking place throughout 2016 and are soon to be announced. Group revenue for Adyoulike in 2015 topped $10M.

Accolades for Adyoulike include: BPI France Excellence, Pass French Tech, The Everline Future 50 and The BIMA Hot 100. Adyoulike is a member of the IAB in the UK and France.

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