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MediaMath, creator of the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™, has joined IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX), enabling marketers to connect their ad tech and marketing technology to drive more consistent consumer experiences and increase return on investment (ROI).

“Industry thought leaders are anticipating the convergence of ad tech and martech, but together with MediaMath, we’re making it a reality,” said Jay Henderson, Director, IBM Marketing Cloud. “IBM’s roots in marketing automation, customer engagement, and digital analytics, coupled with MediaMath’s expertise in paid media represents a huge leap towards true omni-channel, customer-centric marketing.”

A key component of IBM Marketing Cloud, UBX allows marketers to easily connect data across their solutions to help them better understand and engage with their customers in the moment. UBX is supported by an open ecosystem of certified partners including MediaMath.

Through IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange, (UBX), MediaMath can bi-directionally share data with IBM Commerce solutions such as IBM Marketing Cloud, IBM Engage Mobile, IBM Digital Analytics, and more. This allows for seamless communication between technologies and the ability to activate insights and execute optimized campaigns across paid and owned channels.

The integration between TerminalOne and IBM will allow marketers to increase conversions with offers that are tailored to an individual consumer, whether online or in the store. As a result, teams can execute more personalized campaigns across email and paid media channels to improve customer experiences in real-time, protect their brand on social channels, and engage customers when they are most likely to convert.

Marketers are excited about the partnership. Fred Chapman, VP of RiverPoint Solutions Group, Inc, said, “We are very excited that they are bringing a true convergence of advertising and marketing technology to market, illustrating the 360 degree customer view that is every marketer’s goal.”

In addition, Media Matters’ Co-Founder and Managing Partner Taji Zaminasli said, “MediaMath’s partnership with IBM has solidified one more way marketers can leverage the most relevant, on-point media possible, and allows for more personalized display messaging for not only a better user experience, but a greater chance to increase ROI.”

“We at MediaMath are fanatic about using advertiser data to inform marketing execution,” said Mike Lamb, President, Commercial, MediaMath. “UBX represents a major step towards true customer-centric marketing and we are thrilled that IBM shares our vision. As part of the UBX ecosystem, we make it easy for MediaMath/IBM clients to gain an entire view of the customer. We have seen huge performance benefits in media from this kind of linkage and are convinced there is huge upside in using media-originated data to inform other channels.”

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