MediaMath was voted by employees and ranked number 3 on Glassdoor’s top 25 companies list for best pay and benefits in the UK.

Tech companies, business consultants and IT firms have some of the best pay and benefits of any company in the UK, according to the job ratings site Glassdoor.

Glassdoor used employee ratings to rank the top 25 companies in the UK for pay and benefits and found that tech companies came out top.

The tech boom in the UK has extended further than the capital. Over half of the top 25 companies for pay and benefits have offices outside the capital. Other UK business hubs include Bolton, Maidenhead, Marlow in Buckinghamshire, Staines, Abingdon and Wigan.

The top ten is not all tech companies. Tourism is represented by Holiday Extras, based in Kent, which comes in at 14, while food and beverages is represented by Mars, based in Slough, which comes in at 22.
Glassdoor said that while many employees ranked their company solely on salary, others said they were swayed by benefits like health care, free food, holiday allowance, computer game consoles in the office and even spas.

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