A “robust” debate on the future of the media industry must go on, believes MediaMath’s Erich Wasserman, and those businesses not focused on the future risk “losing” their place.

Speaking to M&M Global, MediaMath’s chief revenue officer reflected on the importance of data management and identity in the “increasingly fragmented media and mobile world”.

He believes the relationship between brands, agencies and technology providers will continue to evolve over the coming 12 months, with advertisers being able to select from “maturing” models.
“At every stage, there’s an ongoing conversation about the roles of each of our businesses, and brands are at the focus,” said Wasserman.

“The conversation is robust – if any of us are stagnating at any one time, we are probably losing, and if any of us think our business models will sustain us in one, three or five years, we’re fooling ourselves.
“I think we will see a shift in the roles of brand, agency and technology. Those models are maturing and creating the ability for agency partners to leverage their buying power to bring the best of what is available in media to the client,” he said.

Wasserman predicted that some “marquee brands” will soon lift the lid on their own programmatic strategies: “For some brands, it means a heavier focus on the utilisation of technology, for others that means a heavier relationship with their agency to manage that technology, and for others that means relationships with technology providers.”

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