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Valassis is joining forces with Retail Solutions, Inc. to help retailers and consumer goods marketers measure the impact of digital advertising campaigns on retail sales. The alliance should also enable marketers to adjust their marketing strategies in mid-campaign to optimize their return on investment.

The partnership gives Valassis access to RSi’s “ansa” technology, which analyzes daily sales and inventory data from over 150,000 store locations operated by over 120 retail chains around the world.

Valassis will integrate this data with its own digital marketing campaigns to determine the impact on sales down to the individual store level on a daily basis.

Brands and agencies should then be able to use this point-of-sale data to calibrate local media investments.

The new agreement with RSi augments Valassis’ existing partnerships with data and analytics providers, including Oracle Data Cloud, formerly known as Datalogix, Integral Ad Science and Flashtalking. RSi launched ansa last month with a number of partners including Valassis, as well as Dedicated Media, MaxPoint, MediaMath, News American Marketing, OwnerIQ, and Retailigence.

This is just the latest in a series of strategic alliances aiming to target advertising using in-store sales data.

Back in March, Kantar Shopcom — a division of Kantar Retail — joined forces with IRI, merging Kantar Shopcom’s retail purchase transaction data from shopper loyalty card with IRI’s consumer panel data and point-of-sale transaction data. The combined databases are meant to enable multichannel media planning, targeting, and measurement based on actual consumer purchase data.

In February, ITN Networks, which aggregates TV audiences to create customized national “networks” for advertisers, struck a deal with Nielsen Catalina Solutions, giving it access to NCS’ database of consumer purchase behavior to help advertisers reach their desired audiences. ITN incorporated NCS consumer purchase data for CPG, pharma and OTC products into its proprietary AdVantage platform, an automated system that allows advertisers to plan, execute and track performance of geographically targeted TV and online ad buys.