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Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi) on Tuesday announced the launch of a new product, dubbed “ansa,” that will bring its in-store sales data online, giving digital marketers the ability to measure the impact their online campaigns have in the real world. RSi claims that ansa houses point-of-sale data from over 120 retailers and 150,000 store locations.

The company has partnered with several tech companies and ad networks to bring its offline data to digital marketers. Launch partners include Dedicated Media, MaxPoint, MediaMath, News American Marketing, OwnerIQ, Retailigence and Valassis Digital, per a release.

A few of these partnerships have been introduced on an individual basis. For example, OwnerIQ integrated RSi’s in-store data earlier this year. And OwnerIQ partnered with News America Marketing for a different partnership that tied the digital and physical worlds together. Today’s announcement indicates that News America Marketing is strengthening ties between its offline and online offerings.

RSi touts the launch of ansa by asserting it helps marketers close the proverbial “loop.” Jon Golovin, chairman and CEO of RSi, said in a statement that ansa “finally connect[s] ROI to digital advertising in a real and concrete way.”

The company says digital marketers using the platform get automatic daily updates on in-store data. In turn, this data can be used for targeting purposes.

For example, marketers can promote specific items in conjunction with location-based targeting. This enables them to promote certain items that have a higher likelihood of being sold at the store closet to the consumer, RSi asserts.

RSi also tracks inventory — and in this case, the inventory is physical. This lets marketers know what products not to advertise, because they will know what’s currently out of stock at specific locations.