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Time Inc. sells first print ads over the machine. The largest US publisher – owner of “People”, “Time”, “Sports Illustrated” or “InStyle” – has now informed advertising customers that they can use the automated technologies for the Book of the printed advertising, which they otherwise digital place advertising. Keywords: Programmatic Buying or Real-Time Advertising, ie the automated and targeted media buying in real time. He has served in the digital marketing an important role in making the United States, according to eMarketer forecast this year already 55 percent of sales with digital display advertising from. For TV Commercials there were in the States First attempts with Programmatic Buying.

Time Inc. works with specialists from MediaMath to the real-time advertisers with access to print audiences. Between five and 89 million readers difficult are the different categories that have been set for the 18-time title – “Lifestyle” and “luxury” or “Sport”. A first advertisers already exist: the US-brand retail chain Target, which has posted a “multi-print advertising campaign” about their media agency Haworth, making use of the Programmatic Buying technique. Customers can also occupy digital advertising space. As a follow up measures Time Inc. to campaign success.

For the reasons stated by the US publisher, the company had risen year on year in sales over Programmatic Buying by 85 percent. “We recognized that the needs of our advertising partners has increased in automated and efficient processes in the book – and now comprising just too Print” said Mark Ford, Executive Vice President, Global Advertising, Time Inc. As of the publishing enables advertisers “targeted at scalable open-minded audiences promotional offers on all our brands across” to judge.

End of January it became known that use in the US, 80 percent of all advertisers, agencies and publishers to automated trading of advertising inventory and automate their advertising on predefined platforms play. This was evident from a survey of providers of digital cross-screen solutions has performed Undertone for brand advertising. Were interviewed while 754 agencies, advertisers and publishers. Then book, 88 percent of advertisers and media agencies who use programmatic, a standard banner. Advertisers and agencies call loudly Undertone as the most important arguments for Programmatic Advertising performance, better targeting and efficient pricing. The “operational Effizenz” as originally most important argument is called only 37 percent of agencies and 43 percent of advertisers as the main reason.