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Time magazine.

In what, on the surface, could forebode an end to the relationship sale, Time Inc. announced today that it’s introducing a programmatic platform for buying print ads. Media buyers will now have access to print audience segments as they peruse Time Inc.’s digital programmatic marketplace, Global Exchange, to place their display orders.

Data-based media buying has provided a tremendous amount of efficiency for buyers, and has challenged the traditional face-to-face sales meetings, but Time Inc. is counting on that efficiency to boost print sales.

“We’ve seen growing demand from our ad partners for a more automated and efficient process across the board, and that extends to print,” says Mark Ford, Time Inc. executive vice president, global advertising, in a statement.

The automated print buying is made possible through a partnership with MediaMath, a digital marketing technology firm, and includes audience segments such as women, men, lifestyle, luxury, business/finance and rapid scale (a segment that includes the weeklies and quicker brand messaging to 10-89 million readers). Segment sizes range from 5 million to 89 million readers and cut across 18 of Time Inc.’s brands.

Target, which has already been using Global Exchange, is the first brand to use the platform to purchase print ads across several titles through its agency Haworth.

Target opted for the rapid scale segement, which, depending on the audience level they purchase, could include People, Entertainment Weekly, Time and Sports Illustrated.

Brands can measure campaign effectiveness across their print and digital buys through AdMeasure.