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With 2014 coming to an end, many industry leaders are sharing their predictions and what they expect from 2015. Jenn Vlahavas, Eric Picard and Edwin Lee of MediaMath share their thoughts on the new year ahead.

Jenn Vlahavas, VP of Account Strategy at MediaMath

  • Viewability: As marketers continue to leverage viewability as a key campaign performance metric, they should consider moving away from a simple “Percent of Impression” model to a Cost-per-Viewable-Impression (CPVI) approach.  A partner that measures at 45% viewable at a $3 eCPM provides a greater value to a marketer than a partner that drives 65% at a $7 CPM.  As the measurement landscape grows, we need to ensure we’re examining the metrics in a way that truly measures the impact of marketing dollars.

Eric Picard, VP of Strategic Partnerships at MediaMath

  • Internet of Things: Smart watches, new wearable technologies, data collection of human behavior, thermostats, interactive surfaces on kitchen appliances and other consumer devices will all extend the data footprint of consumers as well as create opportunity to develop advertising footprints.
  • Blurring lines between RTB and Direct: Media Buyers will be able to fluidly mix budgets and optimize spend across RTB and Direct buys.

Edwin Lee, VP of Global Retail at MediaMath

  • Cross-device targeting: Mobile and cross-device will become mainstream – Q4 2014 will see lots of data around mobile and tablet with many retailers having mobile and tablet optimized sites.  The actual buying of things will be shifting to mobile/tablet where traditionally people bought on desktop – research on mobile, but buy on desktop.
  • Attribution: Retailers are becoming smarter about cross- or omni-channel measurement.  The will continue to reach for the truth of their measureable/addressable media against my online and offline sales.
  • Marketers as techies: As more and more budget shifts towards digital, marketers must become more tech savvy and understand the ins/outs of data/tech to drive business outcomes.
  • Marketing centered around tech: Marketing departments need to reengineer for new business processes focused around technology.  People, process and technology need to come together to drive marketing.