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Using CB Insights data, we compiled the 10 largest financing deals of 2014 to VC-backed tech companies in the US’s major venture capital hubs:

1. Silicon Valley

2. New York

3. Massachusetts

4. Texas

5. Pacific Northwest

Here’s what the data says.

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Top Silicon Valley Tech Deals

In Silicon Valley, the 10 largest financing deals to venture-backed companies in 2014 raised a whopping $5.57B in funding. Uber took the largest two deals at $1.2B each. Cloudera, AirBnB and Palantir rounded out the top 5 – having each raised over $400M in 2014. Of note, the smallest of the top 10 deals, flash storage company Pure Storage’s Series F, still clocked in at $225M.

The Largest Silicon Valley Tech Deals of 2014
Rank Company Amount ($M)
1 Uber 1200
1 Uber 1200
3 Cloudera 900
4 AirBnB 475
5 Palantir Technologies 444.2
6 Dropbox 350
7 TangoMe 280
8 SurveyMonkey 250
8 Lyft 250
10 Pure Storage 225

Top New York Tech Deals

New York’s biggest deal to a venture-backed company in 2014 actually went to a real estate firm, co-working space WeWork, which took a $355M investment at a $5B valuation. Within the tech sector, Vice Media secured the two largest deals at $250M each, followed by Google Ventures-backed Flatiron Health at $130M. Mark Lore, the founder of, saw his stealthy startup, which raised $55M in Series A funding and $25M in debt and credit from Western Technology Investment and Silicon Valley Bank just miss the list. OnDeck which ultimately IPO’d went onto be NY’s largest venture-backed exit ever.

The Largest New York Tech Deals of 2014
Rank Company Amount ($M)
1 Vice Media 250
1 Vice Media 250
3 Flatiron Health 130
4 Oscar Health Insurance Co. 80
5 OnDeck Capital 77
6 Harry’s Razor Company 75
6 IEX Group 75
6 Harry’s Razor Company 75
9 MediaMath 73.5
10 FanDuel 70


Top Massachusetts Tech Deals

Wayfair, which went public earlier this and now carries a market cap of $1.73B, took the largest funding of any VC-backed Mass. tech company in 2014, at $157M. The top 10 deals leaned heavy on the enterprise tech side with companies including ActiFio, Applause and Acquia. Total funding by the top 10 Mass. tech deals reached $646M.

The Largest Massachusetts Tech Deals of 2014
Rank Company Amount ($M)
1 Wayfair 157
1 ActiFio 100
3 SimpliSafe 57
4 Thinking Phone Networks 56.7
5 Kaminario 53
6 Acquia 50
7 Extreme Reach 49
8 Applause 43
9 DraftKings 41
10 Credorax 40
10 Veracode 40
10 SilverRail Technologies 40

Top Texas Tech Deals

Austin-based payments firm Mozido’s $185M Series B was the largest tech round of the year in the Lone Star State. The $185M came in addition to an $80M financing the company closed in May. Other top Texas deals in 2014 included IoT company Phunware, social media management firm Spredfast and geospatial data company Surveying and Mapping, which raised a total of $159M this year. Total funding by the top 10 Texas tech deals reached $653M.

The Largest Texas Tech Deals of 2014
Rank Company Amount ($M)
1 Mozido 185
2 Surveying and Mapping 122.5
3 Mozido 80
4 Spiceworks 57
5 BigCommerce 50
6 Surveying and Mapping 36.8
7 Spredfast 32.5
8 Phunware 30.7
9 Revionics 30
10 TrackingPoint 29.1

Top Pacific-Northwest Tech Deals

Fin Tech firm Avalara $100M round in November topped the list of Washington tech deals in 2014. After the acquisition of Trulia by Zillow, Redfin bulked up with $70.9M in funding from investors including Tiger Global Management, T. Rowe Price and Glynn Capital Management to take the second largest tech round in the Pac-NW. The 10 largest Pac-NW tech deals took $486M in aggregate funding, the smallest total of the five hubs.

The Largest Pac-NW Tech Deals of 2014
Rank Company Amount ($M)
1 Avalara 100
2 Redfin 70.9
3 Inrix 55
4 Act-On Software 42
5 ExtraHop Networks 41
6 Puppet Labs 40
7 Avvo 37.5
8 SmartSheet 35
8 Skytap 35
9 Julep Beauty 30
9 Avalara 30
9 Socrata 30