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Google Seeks Fulfillment

Google is talking with retail partners about a “buy” button and a two-day shipping option for products sold through its shopping platform, the WSJ reports. “Amazon is increasingly running away with online retail in North America, which poses a huge problem for Google,” said Bessemer Venture Partners e-commerce investor Jeremy Levine. “Google has to get in front of this and create a reasonable alternative.” Pair with AdExchanger’s coverage of buy-button mania. E-tail competition heats up!

Dentsu Buys Attribution

In a play to beef up its data-analytics and attribution-modeling capabilities, Dentsu-owned iProspect snatched up Rockett Interactive on Tuesday. The acquisition comes after Dentsu Aegis agreed to buy content-marketing agency Covario in September. “In today’s convergent world, every screen can become a transaction point,” said iProspect US President Jeremy Cornfeldt. “For performance marketing to drive results, you must have total visibility into both your client’s business and the complexity around the consumer journey.” The acquisition, he said, will enable iProspect “to holistically understand the impact a client’s media spending has on consumer behaviours not directly connected to a sale.” Read the press release.

Forbes Chief On Native

In an interview with Marketing Interactive, Forbes CEO Mike Perlis goes into defense mode regarding his company’s native advertising model. ”If managed correctly and transparently with clear identification and high standards for that content, I think native advertising adds to sources for content that people are so hungry for,” he said, “Unfortunately, people who simply sell ads by allowing people to run [content] that does not meet the standards that I just described – that’s what gives native advertising an advertorial feel.” Perlis insists that Forbes’s four-year-old native content arm, Brand Voice,was designed as a tool for thought leadership, not as a platform for selling products. More.

Selling Mobile

Twitter has begun letting mobile-app developers target users who have recently activated new phones, a group considered prime targets in the oversaturated app ecosystem. And it’s letting advertisers target Twitter users according to which wireless carrier they use, a feature primarily of value to the carriers themselves. Ad Age has more. And, read the blog post. It’s a mobile world, Twitter’s just living in it.

Worlds Collide

TripleLift has integrated its native ad platform with numerous demand-side platforms (DSP), including AppNexus, MediaMath, TheTradeDesk, and Turn. CEO Eric Berry proclaims in a press release, “This is the first time that a DSP, using its existing media-buying infrastructure, can buy native ads at scale.” Microsoft Store is the first brand to try the tool, which resulted in a 475% return on ad spend for its native real-time bidding campaign. More.