MediaMath, creator of the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™ (T1), today released a new T1 app, which enables access to Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings data on campaign performance and the ability for marketers to incorporate this data into all programmatic efforts within a single interface.

Comparable to Nielsen TV ratings, Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings provide marketers with greater insight into the efficacy and reach of their campaigns, allow them to measure the performance of their online and mobile audiences, and more strategically align campaigns across screens for greater ROI.

Nielsen has been a trusted source for marketers for decades and with Online Campaign Ratings, they are setting a new industry standard for digital marketing,” said Greg Williams, Co-Founder and SVP OPEN Partnerships of MediaMath. “By aligning with them to enable access to Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings data through the MediaMath T1 app, we’re not only simplifying campaign measurement, but ensuring greater consistency in how marketers measure, evaluate, and optimize marketing performance.”

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