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NEW YORKNov. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — MediaMath, together with the Global Direct Marketing Association, Winterberry Group and Accenture, today released a study of unprecedented scale that examines how marketers from around the world view the role of data in their marketing and advertising practices – from how data is used to how it impacts performance.

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The study, The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising, surveyed more than 3,000 data-driven marketers and advertisers across 17 different regions. The results show how crucial data is to the efficacy of marketing efforts worldwide, and that the practice of data-driven marketing is only set to grow. On a global scale, 63.2 percent of marketers reported that their spending on data-driven marketing and advertising (DDMA) grew over the last year — with another ten percent (73.5 percent in total) expecting that budgets will rise yet again next year.

Further, more than half of the respondents said that “a demand to deliver more relevant communications/be more ‘customer-centric'” was among the most important factors driving their investment in DDMA.

“Driving a connected, seamless consumer experience is the holy grail of marketing,” said Rachel Meranus, SVP Marketing of MediaMath. “And the democratization of data means that, with the right technology, marketers can know a great deal about their consumers and their habits. Appropriately using this data to identify consumers across all devices and all channels, and target these consumers with messages that inspire their behavior at every step of their journey will drive business outcomes, deliver on brand promise, and increase the lifetime value of customers.”

The research also revealed some of the challenges marketers face noting that expanded budgets (43.4 percent), deeper pools of experienced talent (42.1 percent) and improved organizational structures (33 percent) would most substantially advance their efforts to leverage data in support of marketing and advertising.

To read more insights on data-driven marketing from marketers around the world, you can download the white paper now.