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August 27, 2014 – MediaMath, a technology-based marketing and demand-side platform (DSP) provider, has opened access to Facebook Exchange (FBX) inventory through its T1 Platform API. MediaMath remains one of the few DSPs to have direct integration with FBX. Its direct integration provides simple access to Facebook’s Right Hand Side and Page Post Ad inventory. The new T1 FBX API will allow clients to build custom tools and scale their FBX workflow.


Wilfried Schobeiri, MediaMath’s senior VP of technology, commented: “We’ve built our platform on the premise of openness, and this integration is a significant step towards building the most modular and flexible operating system for marketers. No two advertisers are exactly alike — and therefore [they] need technology solutions that can be customized to their unique needs.”

MediaMath introduced the first DSP in 2007 and has been empowering marketers to deploy goal-based marketing at scale ever since. When Facebook launched FBX in 2012, MediaMath was one of its first integration partners. FBX enables real-time bidding and cross-channel marketing that allows marketers to target audiences. MediaMath’s new API allows T1 Platform users to streamline the workflow from FBX directly through the T1 Platform.

MediaMath has built its brand on openness. Open APIs go hand in hand with its mission. An open API strategy stands to revolutionize marketing, enable unmatched scale and create custom campaigns tailored to an individual marketer’s needs. To learn more about the API or MediaMath’s platform, request a demo.