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July 8, 2014 – West Cary Group (WCG), a minority-owned performance-based marketing communications and advertising agency, has joined forces with MediaMath to create the largest certified black-owned trading desk in the U.S.

A trading desk is a specialized function within an advertising agency that purchases media in "real time" – similar to a stock exchange – as opposed to pre-ordering advertising positions. West Cary Group's trading desk is built upon MediaMath's TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™.  This enables the team to automate, execute, and optimize multi-channel, high-performing digital marketing campaigns for its clients efficiently, and at scale.

"The WCG trading desk is a superior way to buy media and we have the data to prove it.  We like to measure, analyze, then continuously optimize our campaigns to maximize ROI; our trading desk facilitates that, and our clients appreciate it.  Plus, by building the WCG trading desk on top of MediaMath's best-in-class marketing operating system, we feel we can place orders faster, and grab better data than our competitors."

"West Cary Group is the kind of forward-thinking agency MediaMath looks to work with," says Joe Zawadzki, CEO of MediaMath.  "They have seen the seismic shifts in the way media is bought and sold and embraced the evolution without hesitation.  They are a smart, progressive, analytical agency that understands the power that a platform like ours can provide and the value of a central marketing hub for more impactful marketing performance. And they're not stopping at just display advertising; they leverage T1 for online video, mobile, and social campaigns, as well."

Zawadzki continued, "There was a time when independent agencies like West Cary Group couldn't compete in media in a big way because larger agencies had locked in economies.  We're proud of the fact that our platform has helped to democratize media."

West Cary Group is one of MediaMath's OPEN Certified Buyers. MediaMath OPEN Certification is a program designed to recognize its most strategic buyers that demonstrate programmatic expertise and a commitment to industry innovation. As a silver certified buyer, MediaMath acknowledges West Cary Group in a class of smarter, savvier marketers who are evolving the industry through marketplace initiatives, innovative use of technology and strategic plans.