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June 3, 2014 – 'Performance Reimagined. Marketing Reengineered.,' the new positioning introduced today by MediaMath, the creator of the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System for digital marketers, exemplifies the company's commitment to helping marketers drive transformative results through the use of technology and math.

"This is a very exciting time for me, personally, and for MediaMath," said Joe Zawadzki, MediaMath's CEO. "Since the start, we've been committed to providing technology that drives outcomes, transparency, and control for marketers and doing so with simplicity. Now, however, marketers have reached level of sophistication in their understanding of technology and a realization that the answer to scalable marketing isn't found by making sense of a complex chart of logos but instead in technological unification. 'Performance Reimagined. Marketing Reengineered.' epitomizes the innovative work we've been doing with our clients and our promise for the future."

MediaMath, best known for founding the first demand-side platform (DSP) in 2007, changed the way digital media is purchased, and created a new, more efficient way for advertisers to reach consumers, individually, at scale. This introduction to what is today best known as programmatic media buying, helped agencies – large and small – establish new revenue streams and more effectively serve their end clients – advertisers.

Today, MediaMath continues to pioneer the digital marketing space with its TerminalOne Marketing Operating System, an open, extensible platform used by marketers and their agencies to automate the execution of media buying, activate data, and optimize every interaction with consumers, across all digital channels, in real-time, based upon proprietary learning and decisioning algorithms.

'Performance Reimagined. Marketing Reengineered.' comes to life through a video on the company's new home page,, andunderscores the company's promise of empowering modern marketers to reimagine the way their marketing performs by transforming the technology that powers it.

By focusing on the goals of their marketing strategies, a characteristic of the TerminalOne platform that is unique to MediaMath, the company helps marketers and their agencies achieve greater outcomes for their media budget, while driving truly transparent, accountable, and repeatable marketing.