Performance, reimagined.  Marketing, reengineered

Imagine, for a moment, a unified marketing experience.  Every brand interaction optimized.  Data managed seamlessly.  Messages tailored for each consumer. Media buying automated and transparent.

It’s here.  And it’s powered by MediaMath.

MediaMath is the only global technology company that empowers modern marketers with an extensible, open platform to unleash the power of goal-based marketing at scale, transparently across the enterprise.

For CMOs, understanding the promise of programmatic is essential.   With a powerful marketing operating system, marketers can optimize targeting in real-time – interaction for interaction – while delivering unique messages appropriate for each audience.   That is the promise of programmatic.

But, how do you get there? 

Focus on goals, not guesses

Just a few years ago, media buying began with generic descriptions of an assumed target audience and sought to buy media properties that indexed high against that audience based on extrapolated survey data from a tiny population. The problem is, however, that not every consumer of those media properties is actually in the target audience, and not everyone in the target audience is really a prospective customer. Those methods are really just coarse, inaccurate proxies for what advertisers really want – impressions delivered against prospects and customers that will drive higher sales.

Programmatic makes that possible. In today’s world, the customer journey is dynamic and fragmented across contexts, channels, and devices.    But with that complexity also comes vast amount of data, and that data is the key to more effective advertising. By taking in all that data, both online as well as offline – about consumers, about media, about products, and about creative – and exposing it to advanced algorithms, we now have the power to do away with assumptions and approximations and maximize the impact of every dollar and every impression, in real-time.  

Don’t start by guessing who your audience is and what media they consume. Start by telling an operating system what your goals are – whether driving awareness, increasing engagement, generating sales, or stimulating loyalty. Let that system mine all the available data to determine exactly what combination of audience, media, and message will best achieve those goals, and do it all dynamically, with full transparency and control.

Leverage the TerminalOne Marketing Operating SystemTM that leads the industry in:

Scale – providing access to premium & RTB media across display, video, social, and mobile, across the globe.

Performance – using goal-based optimization, rather than simple cookie targeting, to deliver superior results against any marketing metric, from awareness to ROI – consistently outperforming other platforms in head-to-head tests.

Transparency – giving full visibility into the algorithm outputs, the media & audiences purchased, and the economics – providing unmatched accountability & control.

Extensibility – allowing for unparalleled customizability, modularity, and flexibility via an open platform with full APIs, giving marketers the ability to build solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Simplicity – combining data management, cross-channel media execution, and ad serving into a single streamlined workflow.

Reliability – scaled for the needs of global enterprises, proven by third parties to be faster, more efficient, and more reliable than any other marketing platform.

Unlock the power of goal-based marketing and programmatic technology to achieve your business goals as never before. Elevate your practice.  Learn how at