Proactive Investors Australia (May 16, 2014) – Adslot (ASX: ADJ) should firm in trade after entering into a partnership agreement with MediaMath, a global provider of programmatic trading technology to media agencies and advertisers.

The partnership will allow media buyers using MediaMath's Terminal One platform to gain direct access to Adslot's large pool of inventory, including the ability to purchase this inventory direct from Adslot publishers.

Some of the world’s largest media buyers use MediaMath’s Terminal One to buy advertising inventory and audiences at scale; partnering with established companies such as MediaMath to capture this scale is central to building Adslot's business.

The Adslot-MediaMath integration advances the ability of large media buyers to purchase premium inventory from Adslot
and non premium inventory from MediaMath via a single console.

This makes for more efficient trading between buyers and sellers, and more effective advertising for advertisers.

Work to integrate the Adslot and MediaMath platforms has commenced, and a release date will be confirmed shortly.

Adslot's revenue model is based on taking a percentage of all revenue flowing to publishers via the Adslot platform.

In the space of a few years over $100 million of media has traded through Adslot, with 5,000 advertisers transacting through the platform.

The company's footprint extends through North America, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The market for global online advertising continues to grow, with estimates of global turnover passing $150 billion in the next couple of years.

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