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Consumers' rapid migration to mobile media is presenting some serious challenges for ad-tech companies built to execute and target digital ads.

The biggest of these companies sprung up at a time when desktop was dominant, where there was little need to pay attention to the quirks of mobile — including the poor performance of tracking cookies there. But with phone and tablet usage booming, they're being forced to adjust.

MediaMath, a software company which helps buyers purchase ads via the automated market, is one of those making moves. To help improve its capabilities away from desktop computers, MediaMath has acquired France-based Tactads, a small France-based firm which owns cookieless and cross-device targeting technology, the company announced today.

"Marketers are looking for new and different ways to engage with consumers as traditional cookie-based approaches within digital marketing become less reliable," MediaMath Chief Operating Officer Ari Buchalter said. "We're building out a broader solution within our platform called ConnectedID to address some of those challenges, and the Tactads acquisition is a component of that which fits into that technology."

ConnectedID is a six-month-old effort intended to help buyers advertise to the same people across screens. Tactads' technology, Mr. Buchalter said, is able to recognize devices without cookies as well as associate multiple devices, which should give the ConnectedID offering a boost.

Tactads' team of three will join MediaMath in full-time roles. The ConnectedID team currently has 15 members.

MediaMath, founded in 2007, has raised $35 million dollars to date. Mobile currently makes up 10% to 20% of the company's total business, Mr. Buchalter said.