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MediaMath on Tuesday announced partnerships with some of the biggest video ad supply partners in the industry in an effort to give media buyers access to global video ad inventory.

The demand-side platform (DSP) has partnered with LiveRail, BrightRoll, and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. In addition, the company recently tapped into SpotXchange’s inventory and plans to strike a deal with and others “soon.”

“Programmatic video advertising is poised for tremendous growth over the next few years,” stated Greg Williams, co-founder and SVP of OPEN Partnerships at MediaMath.

Through these partnerships, MediaMath says its clients are ready to take advantage of that growth. The company claims buyers now have access to over 60 billion global video impressions per month through the DSP.

A MediaMath representative told RTM Daily that BrightRoll and LiveRail were among the first video supply partners MediaMath tapped, with other integrations occurring over the past few months. As previously mentioned, the newest deal is with SpotXchange, though the rep said none of these partnerships had been announced until today.

The company said it will support private marketplaces and Deal ID transactions soon. "Deal ID" is when a buyer and seller work out trade parameters before a real-time bidding (RTB) auction to give the buyer preferential treatment; it’s a mix between buying direct and buying via RTB.