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MediaMath customers will now have access to more than 60 billion monthly video impressions thanks to key agreements with several ad exchanges, the company said Tuesday. 

A common complaint about programmatic advertising in general (especially around video) is the offerings tend to not exactly be top-notch. Now, MediaMath's programmatic video ad options will include inventory from ad exchange partners LiveRail, BrightRoll, and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. The company will add SpotXchange, and more in the near future.

The options can be accessed from the company’s TerminalOne platform, intended to be a one-stop shop for marketers' needs across social, mobile, display and video platforms. 

"We're bringing the whole approach of media historically being planned and executed in silos and really taking a full, cross channel approach," MediaMath’s svp of OPEN partnerships Greg Williams told Adweek. "That allows you to one, get the best supply in the market and two, effectively manage a campaign the way a consumer uses media."

Williams added because his company offers specialized RTB, marketers can opt to purchase premium placement with publishers like Yahoo, Microsoft and Condé Nast.

Part of the challenge, however, is getting people to understand that even though something is programmatic, the advertisers still have control.

Ten years ago, you had to call a group of sites to place ad buys, and you would get a delivery report about how well your campaign was doing about once a week, Williams recalled. Today, you can get those results instantaneously, thanks to how easy it is to track activity across digital channels and the Internet.

Williams said this information can greatly improve marketing ROI, as companies can specifically target ad dollars toward platforms or websites they know work.

Also, in the past, you had to take a company's word that it was placing your campaign in optimal spots. Programmatic ad campaigns put the work back into the hands of the buyer, Williams noted.

"People get very concerned over lack of transparency, but in the RTB/programmatic overworld, you have much more transparency than you have had historically," he said